Digital payment medium even for non-digital community

"Fastcheck provides services of unique payment ways that is easy to use and secure at the same time. Say bye to expensive hardware and software resources using Fastcheck services"

Key Features
  • Fastcheck payment services helps you to pay or to be paid cashfree
  • Merchant/Vendor/Shop Owner/Service Provider will be provided one QR for their payments to be paid
  • Merchant/Vendor/Shop Owner/Service Provider can provide recharge offers to their customers using our Mobile App or Web App and Customers can recharge into their FC E-Cards via online or at store.
  • Easy to use even for non-digital community, they should have only FC-ECard with them to pay and everything else will be handled by our Digital Service
  • Secured & Fast! Customer can block, recharge and make payments with the credits/balance they have in their card
Advantages (Recharge Offers + Get Credits + Pay with single card)
  • Shop Owner can make recharge offers and customer can take benifits of those offers with that recharge in FC Card
  • Customer can give this card to his/her relatives/friends/collegues with no hassle! and they can accept the payment requests from anywhere in the world with our mobile App or payments links sent to them via email/sms
  • No necessity of mobile to pay using QR as we provide you a platform where shop owner also can accept payment(s) through our Mobile App from your card's QR. So this is 2-way payment medium
  • Each shop will have its own QR and each FC E-Card will be associated with one shop. So services like retail/shopping/hotels/restaurants/garriages etc. can take advantage of us to bind their customers for thier services and customers can have benifits of the recharge offers provided by these service providers. Again we can proudly say that we are 2-way payment medium!
We charge only

0.90% per transaction

Fastcheck is accelerating digitalization by serving both service providers and customers through the same window. Our services lie into multiple categories and we recently launched our own first Fastcheck integrated checkout system for restaurant industry. Fastcheck for restaurant system has multiple sub-systems in itself like Billing/Counter System, Kitchen System, Office/Admin System and OnTable Ordering System (For Managers/Waiters). Some of the lightening features of this system are as below:

Fastcheck for Restaurant - Features
  • Track anything related to your restaurant at anytime
  • OnTable Ordering
  • Fully integrated and interconnected system from table to counter
  • Customisable environment for restaurant adminstrative department to staff department at anytime
  • Live Table Order Logs in Kitchen (Bye Bye KOT!)
  • Real time data transmitting/syncing
  • Checkout with multiple options like Cash/UPI/FastCheck-Card, Here Fastcheck-Card is intergrated checkout option by powered by WisenCode Infotech
  • Robust searching techiniques on counter and office system for past orders
  • Light and User-Friendly experience
  • Tax reports + Order management + Tax, Discounts, Tables/Halls management + Category/Item management
  • Generate FC Cards + Recharge FC Cards and many more to accelarate customer's checkout/billing exerience in your restaurant
  • Generate live menu QR which you can share anywhere around the internet world
  • Many more inside...
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